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The Dumbdownification of the Internet

Why must everyone on the Internet try to fix what isn't broken?

I'm staring at a million formatting options that are smack dab RIGHT ON MY "POST AN ENTRY" PAGE.  I know this is handy, but honestly, I know how to use "< b >" and "< u >" and "< i > " and even, OMGYES, even < size = insertnumberhere >".  And I'm not even GOOD with html.

It's not just LJ that's pandering to a new generation of uberplebes who can barely figure out how to capitalize their words or punctuate their sentences without external assistance.  Facebook keeps changing their interface trying to find this unattainable holy grail of awesomeness that will suddenly encourage the last million people left without one to sign up.  Or those of us who have one to actually use the damn thing to drum up more advertising revenue for them.  Well I'm sorry, you can't keep making things easier for idiots and expect those of us who aren't to think it's awesome.

Don't get me started on World of Warcraft and this phenomenon...

I don't want to sound like some 89 year old grandparent telling stories about walking both ways to school uphill in the snow, and I don't want to sound like some technophobe touting the various character-building virtues of building barns by hand.  But you know, both of these people are right in many ways.  I can't help but envision (and FEAR!) a future in which no one knows anything more about the process to do anything than to press ONE button.

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