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Getting down with the sickness

Ughhhhhhhhhhh, I think my sinus infection has relapsed in full force.

With extreme prejudice.


I took both decongestants a while before bed, and then a multi-symptom cold pill right before bed last night, and still woke up with my left nostril completely closed and a bunch of funk in my eye. I was groggy as all get-out too, like I think that thing happened where I almost wake up about 20 times before I really do so I end up feeling like everything I dreamt about was actually real and so I'm 10 times more disoriented when I do wake up. Should I blame the cold meds? I was really exhausted when I finally went to bed because we were waiting on John's friend to do some stuff to his computer. Maybe exhaustion + cold meds + sinus infection is just a recipe for some psychedelic weirdness.

I do have antibiotics I could take, and maybe since I obviously didn't get it to buzz off with decongestants and Ocean spray alone before, I need to bring out the big guns. I'm just afraid I might be allergic, and that would be bad. I guess I could lick one tablet and see if my mouth puffs up, haha. But seriously, dissolve it and rub it on my skin? There's got to be a test for this kind of thing.

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