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Spring Break is officially in full effect and I couldn't be happier about it.  Okay, maybe I could be, like if I had tremendously awesome plans that involved anything more exciting than catching up on sleep, spending waaaaaaaaay too much time on the internets, playing some games, and maybe actually reading a book for FUN for once, but hey, I am easily amused and that works for me!

Who is this girl and where has she been!

The mood I was in yesterday has continued today!  I really feel like I suddenly hatched out of an egg and opened my eyes for the first time.  Is that insane?  I don't know, but I LOVE it!  I have spent so much time like a storybook donkey (ass? :P), moping around, losing my tail, being insecure, and thinking nothing would ever look up.

I don't feel like that now!  See, I almost typed anymore, and then I told myself, "But it might come back, so anymore might not be accurate?"  So maybe it's just hard to lose old habits completely. :P  But really, things can only look up from here.  There's going to be a lot of hard work involved, but that's how people grow.

I'm starting to embarrass myself with my own skipping and dancing and flower-waving, so I guess I'll just say...



Such a trite saying, and yet, it applies to today!

I am officially a college student!  My transfer student orientation/registration is mid-August, so I won't have my classes picked til then, but I can glance in the catalog online and start trying to see what I need at least.

I am so excited.  I'm going to be going to a REAL SCHOOL.  Realer than real actually, the most amazing school I have ever visited or read about.  (Ok, maybe Berkeley is more amazing :P  But I mean a school in the state I live in.  I think I almost like it better than I did UT Austin when I lived in Texas.  UT was in Austin, which is a truly amazing city.  But this school is in an arty sub-area of its city, so that's similar enough really!  And it's small enough to maybe have better classroom experiences than a mega-huge university would.

Excitement ensues!  *dancedancedance*



Obligatory Complaint about LiveJournal

Yeah, there's one at least every time I log on here. Geez.

This time it's the ad thing. Ads used to be something you didn't have to have on your page if you didn't want to. And now I'm staring at Flo on the side of my screen and I had to wait like 45 seconds for a stupid commercial from BP of all things before I could even post in my own journal.

I have a headache from my sinus infection or else I would rattle off a litany of acerbic remarks and cutting points about how and why this is abhorrent.  But right now I just want some Comtrex and I don't know... a cheeseburger.  Yeah, that's how I know I don't have a cold.  I want delicious foods.

Getting down with the sickness

Ughhhhhhhhhhh, I think my sinus infection has relapsed in full force.

With extreme prejudice.


I took both decongestants a while before bed, and then a multi-symptom cold pill right before bed last night, and still woke up with my left nostril completely closed and a bunch of funk in my eye. I was groggy as all get-out too, like I think that thing happened where I almost wake up about 20 times before I really do so I end up feeling like everything I dreamt about was actually real and so I'm 10 times more disoriented when I do wake up. Should I blame the cold meds? I was really exhausted when I finally went to bed because we were waiting on John's friend to do some stuff to his computer. Maybe exhaustion + cold meds + sinus infection is just a recipe for some psychedelic weirdness.

I do have antibiotics I could take, and maybe since I obviously didn't get it to buzz off with decongestants and Ocean spray alone before, I need to bring out the big guns. I'm just afraid I might be allergic, and that would be bad. I guess I could lick one tablet and see if my mouth puffs up, haha. But seriously, dissolve it and rub it on my skin? There's got to be a test for this kind of thing.

All your ScentBase are belong to us!

Ok, that makes no sense, but I discovered ScentBase last night and I am super excited. I am not one of those people who has devised fantastically intricate spreadsheet systems for BPAL information (although I wish I was and I still want to be!) so this is a FABULOUS thing for me! The interface is very easy to use and the descriptions and catalog info for a scent are just a click away, compared to me having to cut and paste and then wonder how to format it all and keep it consistent.

So excited. I made a profile there and worked on it some today. I need to add that link to my list of links on the sidebar.

Oh no they d-- wait, why do I care?

Why is ohnotheydidnt now feeding to the main page?  Why do I care what overpaid dumbasses are doing?  Oh wait, I can't answer why I care because I DON'T.

Oh LiveJournal, this handbasket you're in keeps growing and growing and growing...


The Dumbdownification of the Internet

Why must everyone on the Internet try to fix what isn't broken?

I'm staring at a million formatting options that are smack dab RIGHT ON MY "POST AN ENTRY" PAGE.  I know this is handy, but honestly, I know how to use "< b >" and "< u >" and "< i > " and even, OMGYES, even < size = insertnumberhere >".  And I'm not even GOOD with html.

It's not just LJ that's pandering to a new generation of uberplebes who can barely figure out how to capitalize their words or punctuate their sentences without external assistance.  Facebook keeps changing their interface trying to find this unattainable holy grail of awesomeness that will suddenly encourage the last million people left without one to sign up.  Or those of us who have one to actually use the damn thing to drum up more advertising revenue for them.  Well I'm sorry, you can't keep making things easier for idiots and expect those of us who aren't to think it's awesome.

Don't get me started on World of Warcraft and this phenomenon...

I don't want to sound like some 89 year old grandparent telling stories about walking both ways to school uphill in the snow, and I don't want to sound like some technophobe touting the various character-building virtues of building barns by hand.  But you know, both of these people are right in many ways.  I can't help but envision (and FEAR!) a future in which no one knows anything more about the process to do anything than to press ONE button.